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Ok, so princessa pointed out to me just half an hour ago that we’ve both been to the cinemas 3 weeks in a row. First, Killers. Last week, Step Up 3D. This week, Salt. Money worth spending, I say! Soooo, how was Salt? EXTREMELY EXTREMELY EXTREMELY BRILLIANT! MOVIEGASMIC =)) Seriously though, it was brilliant.

The director’s decision to rewrite the script and have Angelina Jolie to be the female spy is BRILLIANT! Dear Tom Cruise, thank you very very very very much for dropping out of this project! Apparently, Angelina Jolie carried out all the stunts in the movie by herself.

Must say, she did awesomeness job right there! Since she is that experienced already. I mean come on, look at Wanted, Tomb Raider, Mr & Mrs Smith and many more.


Evelyn Salt (Angelina Jolie) is accused as being a Russian spy by Vassily Orlov (Daniel Olbrychsk) a Russian defector dying of cancer. Vassily’s shared his information on the soon to be carried out assasination on the Russian President. The hit will be carried out by a Russian spy, Evelyn Salt. The CIA is now believed that Salt was the mole. Salt has to make a run for her life and finding her husband. Is she the Russian assassin claimed by the defector or is she Evelyn Salt, the loyal American CIA operative as she claimed to be?

Moi thinks: ★★★★★

Embrasse Moi

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