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The perfect targets

Posted: August 17, 2010 in Dvds/Movies

At first, I was hesitated to go because the trailer did not appeal to me much. Boy, was I proved wrong! Must say, Katherine Heighl made the movie so much funnier to tolerate the weak storyline. Killers was non-stop laughing movie right from the beginning until the end.


Jen (Katherine Heigl) has never been lucky in love/relationships. Her parents made her to accompany them to the French Riveira to forget about her recent break-ups. The trip is made more interesting when she met the man of her trip. Enter Spencer (Ashton Kutcher) who swept her off her feet. Three years later, both are the newly weds living in a cool suburban area. All are perfect until she returned home to see her husband caught in a deadlock. Spencer forgot to tell her that he use to be an espionage agent and now he is being hunt down by old enemies.

Moi thinks: ★★★

Embrasse Moi

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