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Regretful cry for re-election?

Posted: August 17, 2010 in Ramblings

What? Is this like playing mind trick with the people just because he needs to get re-elect or something? A pitiful comeback if his interview was all about getting points to get re-election.

Former Labor leader Mark Latham says he regrets not introducing same-sex marriage as Labor policy when he was in power six years ago.

He argued that the churches have strong hold on his past decision to which he explained

“If you’re running for office, you don’t want some parish priest denouncing you from the pulpit on Sunday before the election – and unfortunately people who go to church in many cases think that the priest is a person that they should take instructions from. ”

However, his regretful statement where he stated that he should not give a fuck to these churches 6 years ago made me think. Why after 6 years, he decide to go against these churches back? Was his voted points 6 years ago comprised of these “powerful churches”? Nevertheless, I as an international student has no voting chances. If I did, not going to trust his statement. Still, I feel the Labour should win and hope for a major upheaval such as the California gay marriage/Prop 8

On a separate matter, view the recent photos of Brisbane Rally for Same Sex Marriage which sadly, I did not attend due to conflicting schedule.

Embrasse Moi

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A very long time…

Posted: December 2, 2008 in Ramblings

I want the school days to come again. Repeating my free, fun days with all the people i had fun with. That time, there were not that stressful, it’s like letting your hair loose and down. Well, the holidays just started so it will be fine, right? Not me! My holidays won’t be owh what you call “free time”. I won’t have it! Zilch! Therefore, it might take a long time to update this blog. So…patience! patience! patience!

Sombre Enfant