Melbourne impulse decision

Posted: August 31, 2010 in Bloggie/-ng
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A 4 and half hours flight later, I arrived in Melbourne. Got lost at the ginarmous Southern Cross Station and just manage to get down to the platform 11 to get myself to Flinder St. Stration for which my accommodation is at. As I discovered, it is right across the train station. Awesome. Not awesome until I found out the room I was assigned to. As well as the bathroom. Owh well, decision to stay at backpackers cannot be undone.

Wishes that I listened to Princessa’s advice to bring bath towel. Mmm, being too used to live in hotels during overseas trip made me thought the place will be accommodating it. Nope. No towels. Off, I go walking around to shops in search for bath towel.There was none. Can you imagine Coles, not selling towels? No towels! Coles! Impossible! After going up and down the streets, I decided that’s enough. Until, saw this store that stock hair products, I thought to myself, mmm…maybe they have towels.

Approached the owner and asked if he sells any towel? He replied we don’t stock it but I can order it for you. I can order for you a dozen, two dozen, how many you like? I just went like huh? Asked him again if he knows any store that sells towel? His reply was a funny one, that’s the same question I have. Can he get any more dumb and real? In the end, as I really need a shower, bought the $8 pink towel sold at the reception of Elephant Backpackers. Yeah, that’s where I’m staying at.

After a cold shower because the hot water is not around. Imagine the freezing cold weather and here I am in need of shower and the shower is cold. What a day! Once showered, with grumbli9ng stomach for I had no lunch, walked out to head to Delsgrave St and stopped at Sea Salt Fish & Sushi Restaurant for my dinner. Had grilled salmon burger  with coke, it’s ok. Perhaps, thanks to 4 hrs sleep, I’m just not into doing anything but just sleep. Once din din is in tummy, head back to sleep.

Plan to go to Queen Vistoria Market tomorrow. Hopefully, tomorrow will be productive. Off to bed now=)

Before that, how impossible is it to get a freaking wireless!!!

Embrasse Moi

Retain some of your innocence, open your mind. – Marina Posa

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