Natasha Bedingfield is a MRS!!

Posted: April 16, 2009 in Bloggie/-ng
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Last night,  after watching cold case, it was Ellen De Generes show. Guess who were singing? NATASHA BEDINGFIELD!!!

Guess what shocked me the most?


She just came back from her honeymoon when she sang for that show! I found the ones from youtube but it didn’t work properly. So, this video is nearly similar to her singing during the show.


I don’t want to believe it but i got a confirmation. Huhu…taken from her official site.

Here we go

So,I went and got myself hitched!  I’m on my honeymoon right now. Justwanted to tell all of you the news personally. I’m a Mrs. now! I’m sohappy.  I was single for a long time and I truly enjoyed it that but Ihave to say that I just couldn’t resist falling for Matt.  My firstever radio hit ‘single’ says ‘I don’t need another half to make mewhole’ and I still think that is true but I will add to that.. havingan ‘other half’ definitely makes my life a ‘whole’ lot more fun.  Weare having such a magical time here on our honeymoon. Will be back soonin LA and London writing my next record. Also, I will post some morevideo blogs and pictures online soon.

If you want to know moreabout the wedding, go and buy the hello magazine( if you are in the UK); and if you are in the USA you will find pictures and more details in Us Weekly.  Also my song ‘soulmate’ has started playing on US radio.It was the first song I wrote on my second album and one of myfavorites. Its interesting that I wrote this song before I met Matt andit’s about longing to find someone that understands you, who knows howto love you; and now it is being played on radio just as its coming true for me. I love that about songs… its as if they can predict thefuture.

When I was making the video for the song a year ago,the director, Mark Pellington’s parting salutation to Matt was, ‘take my advice Matt, put a f*XXing ring on her finger!’ He recognized before we did that we were soulmates.

More soon.


Embrasse Moi

lov3 m3,n33d m3,want m3 and fr33 m3

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