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Posted: March 1, 2009 in Bloggie/-ng
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Remember the time, that time i was pretty excited about leaving the country? Leaving the country i’m used to & tired of for a foreign country. Not realising the hardships or even realising the hardships but want to pursue it asalkan i’m away from the country. Here, i stand in this foreign land leaving the ones i know. Leaving all the foods i can eat. Leaving the being transported everywhere i go. Leaving my room & bed & all the stuffs i know & love.

So,I’m here in Down Under.

Tougher! when i’m weak.

Harder! when i thought it’s ok.

All of this are hard.

Perhaps it’s because it’s early to say. It takes time to adapt to the surrounding. Except it’s hard to make friends here. I envy the peeps who few days in had group to hang out with, eat together & jln together. Here, i do everything alone. I hate it!

What push me forward is for the sake of my father who is footing my education bills! For me to have better future! For me to make my family proud of me! Enough of all the past! Time for better me & future!

Here is a song that helps me to push myself!

Embrasse Moi
lov3 m3,n33d m3,want m3 and fr33 m3

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