the real*36 more days to go – Part 2

Posted: January 15, 2009 in Bloggie/-ng
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There is this one family staying with us. Such a big happy family. Understatement is that very sporting family. Not being rascist or anything, this family is Filipino family but currently residing in New Zealand. So, one of their daughter is in a relationship with another female. Keke, i envy them actually!

I mean it’s uh-may-zing thing!! I was wondering what will happen if i introduce one girl that i am very very very seriously in love to the family ah. Nda kena tampar balik2!! Nyahaha..they both are so sweeeetttt! Although, i would forever be closeted. Nyahaha…

Now to a serious thoughts i ahd. I’ve been considered “MIA” by some peeps. Since i am no longer on msn anymore. Hmm…i just, i can’t explain my feelings about it. Msn for me is no longer where i look forward to talk to. Perhaps the torment feelings i have at the moment. Or not. Or perhaps, i just can’t really share my feelings anymore with the peeps i actually talked to. Perhaps, distance is bitter. Perhaps, talking is bitter. Perhaps there’s nothing to say.Perhaps perhaps perhaps.

Or perhaps, i just don’t wanna share anymore.

On another serious thoughts, that couple made me think a lot. On the fact i’m not looking for one. Nyahaha…apakn.Gibberish bnr!! They just made me jealous, that’s all!

Gibberish gibberish gibberish!!!!

Or maybe the fact that i am leaving, maybe?

Sesungguhnya saya dalam kekusutan yang saya tak dapat menerangkannya.

Embrasse Moi

lov3 m3,n33d m3,want m3 and fr33 m3

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