I’m actually am a very bery lucky grrlll. Lalalala…

Shamski is BACKKKKK!!!

I thought he’s coming back tomorrow but i guessed it wrong. Keke…he bought me thissshhhh

Swatch White Ceramic - bought by Shamski

Total of swatches are:

Swatch Ground Shimmer - bought by Mummy

Swatch Black Flower - bought by moi self

Swatch Irony Medium Falling Star - given by Kyoshiro on moi's b'day

Swatch Woman in Blue - bought by Shamski

The last one was bought by Shamski but i chose the design. keke…it’s called Swatch Reddin’ Large

Not in a chronological order. These swatches are bought in Singapore except bought by Kyoshiro & moi. We both bought in Brunei. I bought myself one for a b’day gift to myself. Keke, i love to buy stuff for my own b’day. Fuck it if you are going to say i’m sadrazz

I also do have other kind of watch brand. Although, i prefer more SWATCH coz’ I’m a HUGE fanlollollol

Embrasse Moi

lov3 m3,n33d m3,want m3 and fr33 m3

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