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Posted: January 8, 2009 in Bloggie/-ng
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Hohoho…yippe yippie yabadabadabadabadoo

Sesungguhnya there are no more worries at all. Everything is running smooth as what i hope for. My student visa was granted today!!! Pretty much feeling fabolousitymrgreenmrgreenmrgreen

Gosh, the shocking moment of the day. Coming home having someone aka mummy rummaging through my stuffs. Oh me GOD!! Semua keluarkannya from my old u-shaped sorta cupboard. Now, it’s gone. It’s being replaced with a long white cupboard belonged to me brotherrr who recently moved out. Last year moved out. Sesungguhnya banyak rambut in each drawer. All 3 drawerseek

Ada L-Word 3 season ampai2. Ada Loving Annabelle ampai2. Ada Imagine Me & You ampai2. Thank God, she didn’t go through all the stuffs with her glasses on. Fusch tu ehmad

Gotta hide all my “L” rated movies away. Not only that, my cards from umm…mentioning my sexuality, i had to hide it away too. Remove from memory box. Oh me god, i’m not safe any longer in my own roomcrycrycry

I hear some rustling noise outside. I guess that would be mummy checking what rubbish i’ve thrown out.

Do you know how much my dvd collection are? A lotssssss. No matter how much i throw it out. Masih banyak. Now, it’s ruling the first divider of the cupboard. You know, sometimes in a cupboard, there will be 2 parts of it. Divided into half by a board in the middle? That one.

I also went to New Plus to get meself a new specs to bring along to Ozzie for extra. Looking into frameless. Had this one sunglasses which have leather side. Sooo Pretty!!!!!!! Problem is, it’s expensive. Both of that + my degree (350 degree for both side) costs $815confusedconfusedconfusedChanged my mind, just get the framless, it costs $490 Sekalinya the reason why i changed my mind was that when i came she was asking me whether i’ve given the money to my driver when he got my current specs. If i’m not mistaken i did pay it. I changed the lenses which cost me $140. Now i am burdened with paying for spec and the old debt. Unsure if i paid ka or not. Shitty, i knowcrycrycry

The problem is that i would have finished up my hard-earned 2 months salary to pay for all this. So, i asked for advice & opinion from my “mummy” S. She told me to go browse other eye wear shops. Plus she stressed out the hard-earned 2 months salarycry So, hopefully will try to browse the shops this Saturday. If possible that is!

Owh owh, i went to skool this morning.

Umm…i can go on and on and on BUT i need my sleep. It’s now 1:11 am. I need to get up@8.30 am for work. Grrr…i’m working 24-7!!!

Head & Ears are repeating this: Broken String – James Morrison ft. Nelly Furtado

Douleur dans ma vie

lov3 m3,n33d m3,want m3 and fr33 m3

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