the real*46 more days to go

Posted: January 5, 2009 in Bloggie/-ng
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Single thing left. Patiently waiting. For…my STUDENT VISA!!! Owh, come on!!

Seriously man, take my misery away olredi!

In other note, to avoid paying unnecessary stuffs/fines and to avoid complications, i can’t bring food along. *sigh*

In another another note, i’m picking up my “flirting” mood back. Or not. Perhaps, it is just fooling around. Trying to cause an uproar of emotions. Or just to see how deep one’s jealousy is. It’s not someone “new”. Nor someone “old”. It’s plain “scandal”. Or not. Let’s not put a tag on it. Hahaha…I crave for fulfilling desires. I crave for human touches. I crave for the emotions out of it. Not her though. She have enough men around her. She have her family. Although, i am stuck between two worlds of friendship. If i leaned more to the other person which i have nothing except friendship, i increase the rate of jealousy of the “scandal”. *sigh* The complications i had to endure.

Should i play with fire?

Should i do a one-night stand? Although, she said that a one night stand is about meeting up a stranger and be in bed all night. The next morning, it’s either you or the other person leaves. Without knowing each other’s names or leaving contact number.

Plus, i don’t think i am able to do it. I need the emotions that swell in me. The desire raging in me, trying to erupt out of me. That’s the emotions i want when “doing it”.

Should i ignore all of these little matters and just shouldered on till the time to leave everything comes along?

I guess…i don’t know what to guess.

Oh yeah, enlightening this post is the fact i managed to transfer my blocked nose and sore throat to a friend. It’s amazing how sickness works. Anything¬† the sickness was trying to find another body system other than me made it a good section in my list. Nyahahahalollollol

Was never looking at that. I did not see that coming! That, right there, finalised my decisions. No more Bee. No more fs. No more, no more. I am done. I am over it. Maybe! God!! WHY MUST THERE BE MAYBE!!

I think i might slowly lose my way…i hope not!

On ending this, i need to start doing exercise for badminton tourney the hotel sports & social club is organising. They actually purposely hold that before i leave. Purposely! Should not tell them that i am leaving! I suck! My stamins suck! My badminton skill suck! Gah!!

Douleur dans ma vie

lov3 m3,n33d m3,want m3 and fr33 m3

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