Ode to moi’s crack-y mind…

Posted: December 7, 2008 in Bloggie/-ng
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My mind went cuckoo if it is left alone. At night, no conversations to held with, no confrontations and no one’s giving you a piece of what they think. It’s strictly mind’s work all by itself. It sometimes gave me refreshing perspective to certain stuffs. As well as negative perspective on certain stuffs as well.

Therefore, this post is my apology. Apologies, more like it. To you know who. I guess i overworked the silent meaning of it. I should not have bare it all out.

Heck, this is…afterall…my breathing space. Plus the conversations i had with different people on me being where i am now. Being single, that it. The reason why i don’t dp hassle stuffs. Ok, i think i should just stop making this post complicated by going on into details. Plus, my bodywork system is all going the opposite direction. Sleepy in the morning, fully-awake during the night might be a reason why i’m going insane.

Maybe, i am afraid to have a “real” confrontation to who i really am? Or it was the truth after all behind this? Or i’m just finding reasons

Maybe it’s the jealousy, after all.

Or maybe it’s a coward act to…

Too much maybe!!

It’s so much easier if the answers are all out there. All you need to do is decide. Like taking a multiple choice question. Choose A or B or C. That will make it all much easier…

I’m trying desperately to answer all the questions. Perhaps, that’s my answer to the reason of my previous post was written in that way.

Or maybe i’m trying to search for a closure for me to move on. It might be that. Haven’t i moved on already?

There, the maybe’s!

I think what i really need is a stress-free holiday!!! Sadly, i can’t have!!! So, it will be me & you, dearest bloggie. You will be my place to vent out everything. The place for maybe’s. Maybe…one day, i can find all the answers to my desperately questions searching answers.

Or maybe i should not have go thru’ the memory box…

Douleur dans ma vie

lov3 m3,n33d m3,want m3 and fr33 m3
  1. ciut says:

    hey.. you seemed so confused with everything. Confuse might not be the word. More like, “don’t know what it should be” kind of situation. I just want to say sorry that I am not there like last year where we both helped each other by letting out everything. I miss that too. Anyway, if you need to let it out and confront or talked about it or just need someone that can listen to you, i’m waving my friendship card right here (=

    All i’m saying is, i’m not trying to mess with your head or make you feel whether you are doing the right thing or no, i’m saying that I’m your friend and you can talk to me. (=

    p.s. errrr…. entah, wanted to say sth funny tapi inda terfikir =P

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