H & T came in second!

Posted: November 20, 2008 in Mates, pics, Skoolie
Stalker Poser paying our foods…

Shasha & Stalker poser -who loves to pose sooo muchlol
Alid & Nees
Nees, Lim & Nurol

Hungry hungry…
Asean Skill Malaysia 08′
A gift from Zuwww

Funny that i used to think that if exam is over, it will be fun, fun & relaxing time for us. Heck, it didn’t happen! After exams over, it was automatically functions, functions and more functions. Today is way way tiring compared to the others. It was our school’s Sports Day and we came in second! As like last year, the Aircraft Department won. Luckily enough…we came second, i believe it was She-Hulk’s contributions grabbing all 3 golds for the field events. Javelin, Discus & Shotputt!

Congrats to her!

Sombre Enfant

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