The day of no resting…

Posted: November 16, 2008 in Aminah Arif, Foodie outings, Mates, pics, work

It’s a complicated day. Yesterday! All was a rushful motion. No stopping, just moving and moving.

Ok, i have what…umm…sensitive taste when it comes to food. If i am complaining or differentiating the foods, it is just who i am. Hah! So, yesterday’s lunch was Ambuyat@Aminah Arif in Delima. It was crappy! I prefer prefer more more the branch@Batu Bersurat. But hey…someone belanja so just eat it uplol

Ambuyat@Aminah Arif Delima

Back at school, got picked up by 2, a quick shower and off to Empire. No idea where the loading bay, gotta wait for Lim. It’s, i find the people quite rude. Not a good environment for a workplace. Funny how me & Lim ended up working till 10++ and the juniors, not one, mentioned they left. Sabby’s message was a little bit hazy until i realised all of them gone. Apparently, all of them left@9pm. I was acting silly yesterday. Hahaha…

Sombre Enfant

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