the chubby side of me…

Posted: November 13, 2008 in Bloggie/-ng
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I swear if i knew better,i wouldn’t bust my jogging the other day after a long five months not doing it. All body muscles at the moment are like bundle of knots. My muscle pains are so painful + with the idiotic “genius” man of ICC made it way way way worst + falling off from a chair made it more more hell-ish painful *sigh* Yesterday wasn’t being good!

Now,i’m licking my wounds. Bruises on my right shoulder, nagging pain on my right shoulder since i’m a right-handed so i used more of my right hand! Followed by a cut from the fall on my right back of my hand. A very ugly bruise on my left leg & a small bruise on my kneecap of my right leg.It’s, i can’t cope with the pain like i usually do. Perhaps, it’s the lack of excercise. Owh yes, i am doing excercise. Eating excercise until i found out that it’s hard to have bulging stomach and it’s sooo uncool!! Everyone is like pointing out i’m becoming “cute” chubby. Nyahaha..i’ve gained 3 kg. and now i’m 58 kg.Hmm…

Having an increase in weight means me being more lazy and i would like to be a full time lazybum. Seriously! Now, i need to sleep. I didn’t sleep at all yesterday. What with the nagging pains. Gosh, i felt like losing all part of my body with all these pains. Gah! Too bad, i have no painkillers. If i do, i would have been drowning it down and be soo happy that the pain has gone away for few moments. I have another ranting but it will be at the next post.

Relations.Creation.Incarceration.Determination.Equation.Humiliation.Reincarnation.Situation.                     Elation. Identification.Retaliation.Education.Inspiration.No substitution.Solution.Conclusion.

lov3 m3,n33d m3,want m3 and fr33 m3

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