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Posted: October 19, 2008 in Bloggie/-ng
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Parents are off to Nanjing,China for conference. I am off to my “planning” to go out but this time it’s just planning for belanja dinner for my brothers and their respective partners.Including my adik. Yes, i guess i just need to do this to at least pay back what they have always done for me + i promised my sis-in-laws.Tehehe…i also owe kyoshiro a lunch + i have a very nice surprise for Malski for his b’day coming up soon.

It feels good knowing what one like which makes it easier to get a present.Haha…

There are two slow songs i can’t stop listening…there are reasons why i just can’t get stop listening to love song even though i am soo sick of love song already. Perhaps, i’m just unhappy for my current situation. I could not feel defeated with my lil brother. Owh, he is having a relationship that is now already a year. Unbelievable.Hey, chins up, i don’t think i’m able to juggle relationship well after all my failed relationships *faint smile* I might just have to stay saying wow and she’s pretty and she’s hot!! Nyahaha…relentlessly, i gotta face it *faint smile again*

I think the meaning to this song goes so deep into my soul that it made me soo…yeah + hey it’s rain.Haha..i’m wondering if Rain was saying it’s his true love story, does that mean he used to work with a mafia? Hmm…sounds cool enough since i’m so intrigued by the mafia life especially the Yakuza. Don’t know why but i just like it. Hmm…sounds uncool,no? There would be a part 2 for Rain’s video which will clear up the confusion of this vid in November.

Anyways enough from me whom listening shuffling between rain & big bang.Haha..i’m off to bed early after my reading. Need to wake up subuh to study again. That’s where my brain always work to sponge up all the information.Haha…

Chin up, 2moro is always different…

lov3 m3,n33d m3,want m3 and fr33 m3

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