Wireless whore..o_O

Posted: September 17, 2008 in Bloggie/-ng

Lemme see…yesterday yesterday, we had sungkai with Miaski & Malski’s mateys. A variety meal which includes KFC spicy fried chix, kambing masak merah from D’ Other Office and d rest from hotel. Umm..oo..Miaski’s first attempt on “menumpah” ambuyat didn’t work:lol: I had try the second attempt,didn’t work. Third attempt was made by Uneeski which at least is way better and final and good attempt was done by….It’s shameful to tell who it is. So…malu…:lol:

It was Jalski.Hahaha..a man manage to do it!!

Baby Maisaraski will be staying with us until this weekend.Woohoo!! I found my baby where i can go give my all funny faces and make her laugh!!Hehe..

Sungkai dinner yesterday cooked by Miaski and me was umm…beef blue cheese burger & fruit chocolate.Hoho..lotsa fun.Guess we’ll do more cooking now aye;-)

Today is the start of school holiday and saya “terselingkuh” from what i am supposed to do. This wireless makes me a whore! Nyahaha…i’m a wireless whore!! Ok…focus baby..needs to finish marketing and study.You won’t be having lots of time for studying…as soon as…i’m to start working@Hyatt next week;-)

Ok..ciao..i’ll update me humble blog later.

From the day till the night, we ride, we ride, we ride…

That’s a wrap,peeps…back to studying…

lov3 m3,n33d m3,want m3 and fr33 m3

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