“Cleaning out my closet”

Posted: September 14, 2008 in Bloggie/-ng
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Must say…pile of hatreds for you are increasing. Garbage won’t accept it anymore coz it’s overrush with all that pile.Quite frankly, i just can’t stand being the same room or be near you. Tried so hard for it not to happen but it happened.If you could be ever so informative, i would know what to wear for whatever occasion. Here you go mad at me for wearing something casual which you did not tell me that we will be hosting dinner for lotsa peeps.Just don’t get you.I’m tired and you should just let me rest after cramming my head with maths. You should try to be owh so considerate which you are not. I guess i am not a human but a machine. Proving that…*sigh*

From the day till the night, we ride, we ride, we ride…make me sane!!

That’s a wrap,peeps…my brain is frying…

lov3 m3,n33d m3,want m3 and fr33 m3

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