Inescapable addiction

Posted: August 8, 2008 in Bloggie/-ng
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Days go by that i cannot escape smoking. Tried to ignore the knacking mind screaming for one but i just cannot ignore it. 2-3 days a pack will run out. Gotta try to find a way to enlighten myself to forget this particular habit i have.

Today, had discussion on “creative” side. Creativity that will end up in bad shape if i don’t find help:lol: Thousand thanks for you two 😉

I also had hi-tea with my aunt. Since i just felt like to treat her since she have always been the one who treated me with all small stuffs. So, i think i should do treat her as gratitude.

Nowadays, negativity kept haunting me. Just don’t know whylollol

An awkward moment happened when “she” was in front at the reception side. Nevertheless, we now remain as friend like we’ve always been. That also means that i would have to refrain from flirting with her like i usually am. It does seems so wrong but for the better sake to both of us. I just could not handle another dilemma. It’s too much for me to know what i hated so much for when other people done it and she happened to have done it. I think it’s best decision. Shrugging it seems so difficult for me. I have my own past past past that made me so miserable now.

From the day till the night, we ride, we ride, we ride…

That’s a wrap,peeps…

lov3 m3,n33d m3,want m3 and fr33 m3

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