Posted: July 25, 2008 in Bloggie/-ng
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Out of all the years…why this year? My final year!! Everything i felt are havoc and disruption. Time challenges me until exhausting me.

Frenchie woman told by a matey who is in her class is apparently unavailable and might have a bf.SHitty!! Nvm..i’ll just hve to try my luck. She’ll be around for lunch 2moro but sadly, i’m in the kitchen so i won’t be serving her meals. Owhhhhh…pretty lucky eh? NOT!! Today, the whole day she’s in my thoughts.Panats!! Owh..Theresa turned 21 today. Wow…celebrating her b’day in Brunei this year. Wanted to gave her a cake but if i do peeps will talk.Haha…the people at work, some peeps know my sexuality but i don’t want her to be awkward around me.Hahaha..C Mil lagi teruk, ask me to drag her to room and bagi her the cake!! Felui!! Ntah2..lain pulang terjadi!! Talor ia ah!!

Had finished making 746 cookies, need to have 3000 cookies.SHitty…for bro’s wedding lor,what some more?

Will i manage to go for my holiday now my cash earned will need to be kept into the bank account my parents set for me? Owh…i have two different personal account.Lol…something they don’t know.Lol!!

God…i got teased for my infatuation with that Frenchie by that matey!! Matii eh…

I’m tired..i’m going off to bed!

From the day till the night, we ride, we ride, we ride…

That’s a wrap,peeps…

lov3 m3,n33d m3,want m3 and fr33 m3

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