Posted: July 22, 2008 in Bloggie/-ng
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Wild horses, I wanna be like you, throwing caution to the wind, I run free too. Wish i could recklessly love i like i‘m longing to.

Today is the day! The first shooting for that “Variasi” show. People say you will be safe when you are the last. You gotta learn the mistakes from the people ahead of you. Today, on my account, it doesn’t! It’s well nerve-wrecking day! Lost my coolness and level-headedness. Was sweating like a pig and felt like being slaughtered*sigh*

I had a very nda ketara makeup donelollollol

Hey, makeup buddy, you are my new best buddylollollol

Owh..owh..awkward moment of the day when we all were attached to the clothes a wireless microphone,we call it? KN old nemesis, maybe still is, help to attach it on my clothes. Owh, you should have seen the  processlol It needed the girl to put the wire into the clothes and i must say a chance to touch the bodylol A very long way of touching the body as the wire is long. Clipped to the clothes and the big machine that comes with it is to be kept in the pocket and she even wanted to keep it in my pocket. Hoho..sensitive part. Rest assured, i did all of it by myself. I think, i think lah…she seems to be offended? or she seems like run out of chance to touch? The latter was my sexual brain speaking. No kidding, she temporarily hold down my hands when searching for food. Maybe it’s just my sexual brain speakinglol

I know…perasanlol

Hey ciut…thx for not helping.Hahaha…seriously, thx for at least cheering me up.

I must reshuffle my thoughts and beliefs on one matter.Or Not!

Final decision and what i want to do and go: Griffith Uni. Need to make an appointment for this moving from UQ to there. It’s what i need since it’s more practical. Daddy ask me to stay on campus but it’s expensive and he won’t listen to me wanting to be hunting down a place to stay off-campus. Guess hve to follow his wishes. Indebted to you forever,daddy. Thanks for being you. Hehe..apakn…

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