It’s Bee’s b’day

Posted: July 10, 2008 in Bloggie/-ng
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There’s always that one person that will always have your heart. You never see it coming coz your blinded from the start. Know you’re that one for me.


Ok…seriously…i forgot all about bee’s bday and i didn’t felt as guilty as i can be or should be. Seems that i’ve move on from my crush feelings.Haish…i just don’t get her. Guess what? She had texted me up and asking me dear,do u remember me? I was like hmm…so i replied her asking her why d question and countering it by saying i’m the one who should ask that question and ask her whether she remember me? She replied yes. So i was wondering why the sudden question, apparently it was her b’day.Sorry…will celebrate it whenever our path is cross,aye?

Seriously…my heart fluttered to you, not you bee, sorry.My mind is with you, not you bee! Hahaha..making this post confusing as it can.Hahaha..i’m going crazy.Woots! Woots!

Lemme tell you my first day working! It sucks! In terms of friends..i’m separated to only me.Only me were assigned to pastry and the rest were in a group.A group of 2, one in hot kitchen and the other in new kitchen. How could THAT BE!! Anyhoots…i’m learning and no distraction of friends…i’m out there with the juniors that i am comfy with. Thank God! Other than that, it’s ok although pastry isn’t my kind. Anything that have me do juice my creativity out is hard!

I’m broke and wondering how the hell i am going to go mkn each day at Hyatt.Hahaha…like ok,$2.40 everyday for lunch.What if there’s overtime? Hahaha..i need the cash so i should stop complaining about it! Minta duit from daddy lh ertinya tu…hehe…

From the day till the night, we ride, we ride, we ride…

That’s a wrap,peeps…i’m off to bed early..

lov3 m3,n33d m3,want m3 and fr33 m3
  1. ciut says:

    OMG, congratulations! 😛 😉 I’m happy for you… *teehee… miss you all the way from here. take care..

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