Posted: July 2, 2008 in Bloggie/-ng

The spark ignited. The…it’s just…the feeling stands out by its own. The past came with a lot of memorable memories and the moments are there. Perhaps, it is the stupidity of own’s immature which complicates the matter. Ahh..what to do? The person moves on…i’m stuck halfway between past and the present.

Oriteys…had another sushi again..This time, my treat and the help of ISIC card…belanja the 2 women from UK atu.Haha..adakh patut ucap my malay english.Apa jua org brunei ani kn? Hahaha…Gawd..this two pairing is quite devilish in some sorta way. Both even have the same mobile model except different colourlol Too bad, Nina had to go. Well, there are still yet more time to meet up and go gila2-ing.

So…i tried the outfit you two bought since Nina pajal.Hahaha…What did i think of it? I find it kinky.Don’t know why..but it’s kinky.It seems kinky to me 😯 It’s not my attire style!! What the devil are you two up to ah? Rasanya..when using it…my broad shoulder is the highlight of the body parts.Hahaha…

Today have been meeting up with peeps i know.This particular person,i envy of her strong will,her strong hold and being a single mother. The single mother part,i just knew bout it today. Being a single mother is hard, i know about dat!! Guy like dat,specifically a husband, a father…it’s horrifically wrong!! The men seems to use their dick when it comes to thinking matters. Seriously!! Ok..i sound so biased…well,it’s a matter of what i had gon through and that’s what i found out.Whatever it is,i”m there to support you,babe.

Must say i had a great day today.Playing with Amy & Aryan. It felt fun…haha…i never met a kid who is very very hyper and laughing the whole time like Amy.Syafiqski comes close but he will be like laughing hysterically when he find something is funny even if the adults find it not amusinglol What do the kids are fed these days ah? Being so smart and all…

That’s a wrap,peeps…

p.s. thru’ out it all…i still…

lov3 m3,n33d m3,want m3 and fr33 m3

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