Saving The World. And Loving It.

Posted: June 29, 2008 in Bloggie/-ng

A superb splendid Sunday. First,breakfast with kyoshiro followed after an hour ++ went for sushi:twisted: Not stopping there bought The other Boleyn Girl and voila…it’s not over yetlol Accompanied Miaski to at least finished up some of her marriage stuffs like the pretty pretty wedding gowns and other stuffs like the colour of her room.

Can you believe it if i said she have 5 diff. colour for her room? Shades of cocoa & mistry brown,purple & lilac white and then ash gray. Oh..not forgetting white for the kos-watever .Add another,that makes 6 colour. 6 different colour8-O

oh oh..there was this one waiter@Escapade who was like actually giving me another set of cutleries when he go calling me

“Excuse me sir,excuse me sir,excuse me sir”

I didn’t realise he was calling out for me until i was annoyed by him panggil excuse me sir to someone who didn’t listen to him. Apparently,it was me all along. Gosh…am i that boyish? Ok..wrong question but hey..i still label myself as a girl since i have two boobs and a vagina the last time i checked. Maybe,it’s the question on how i dress and act,i suppose. Anyhoots..back to the highlight of the day..

My highlight of the day would be…jeng jeng jeng…

Get Smart Poster

Maxwell Smart after 8 years taking his field agent examination have always been the analyst of CONTROL. Until CONTROL is attacked and the cover of all agents are uncovered by the enemy,KAOS. Only him and the captivating Agent 99 responsible to save the world from the evil KAOS. Save the world at the same time loving saving the world.

The cast is headed by

  • Steve Carell as Maxwell Smart@Agent 86Smart
  • Anne Hathaway as Agent 99

Agent 99

  • Dwayne Johnson@ The Rock as Agent 23

Agent 23

  • Alan Arkin as the Chief

the Chief

  • Terence Stamp & Ken Davitian as Siegfried & Shtarker


and more…to know the full cast, go here.

My blasting moment for this movie is this part well…i can’t say part…but…hehe…i hve umm…you know normies brain when it comes to looking@pretty,sexy chick.Hahaha…

Sooo…penny for my thought…★★★★★

For the never ending laughters, the enchanting moment of Anne Hathaway, wacky story line, the shoe-phone and the “kiss”. Overall, you made me cheerful.That’s brilliant!

That’s a wrap,peeps…need to go shower & pack for skool 2moro.

Hohoho…it’s SKOOL 2moro bebeh!!

lov3 m3,n33d m3,want m3 and fr33 m3

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