sushi double dosage

Posted: May 29, 2008 in Bloggie/-ng

Wat a good feeling of waking up late today. Like it’s no skool when in fact there is.

A funny incident during binding the work. This salesgirl, can i use that? She was i don’t know, she was very helpful in u know…i help u of ur hot kinda’s just my thought though.Hahaha…she really was patient throughout the time i keep on changing mind,ask for the thick card for divider and this that. In the end,she calculated on the cost. She had some difficulty in that department.Calculating.Isn’t that funny?

Dropped by@skool to handover the work, meet up with frens since we have food sale every Thursday and Saturday. Asked kyoshiro to be lunch partner and chose to eat lunch@Escapade. Me gosh,it was a very fulfilling lunch with orders of salmon maki,raw sliced salmon and salmon asparagus. After consuming all this,i am still hungry so order chix. teriyaki gigantic stomach storage space 😛

KN and sha supposed to come over to hotel even i gave them d card. Then, they cancelled. Felt like…so down..if it weren’t them,i would have gone home by then. They cancelled, i’m stuck at hotel. Watching Tv and lying down until Kyoshiro texted me up to ask me whether i’m still around at the hotel. Replied yes, and off he’s to the hotel. Hahaha..

There we are,sipping tea(him) & strawberry ecstacy(me) and him eating blueberry cheese cake,talking keep on talking until hourslol Ehh..waiter A & waiter M was hinting that they have “drink” and bawa minum.Insane both of them. They even bought vodka along.Damn it. The combination of vodka with lemonade is like going through my mind during my “drinking” day where i would always drink it.Ahh..the past.

I felt more comfortable with him around. Some part of me is there with him. The same mind. Hahaha…he have a dirty little secret which i’m not gonna out itlol Insanely funny. A guy gotta go,he gotta go. That’s all i’m going to hint what is the dirty little secretlol

Now, he is helping me in my maths. Hehe..

lov3 m3,n33d m3,want m3 and fr33 m3

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