learning from life’s mistake

Posted: April 29, 2008 in Bloggie/-ng

Life teaches you lessons. Life teaches through the mistakes the people around us made. Mine, I learnt to avoid hormonal boys. Young, raging hormonal boys. Avoid what my “real” mum made her mistake.

For the reason that…here I am…trying to live my life…with endless cussing it. Why should I live like this? Why take me, if there’s no love? Or even act of love? It’s not fair! Why can’t I live somewhere happy? Are there mistakes “mum” did in the past?

How could she be so stupid to give birth to me when she’s 19? Nevertheless, given born to me when she’s barely adult, still teenager. All the same, without a known father! Perhaps, my childhood memory served me right. Through it all, it made me realised my position and my future. A future of hard work which I have to kick myself in the arse occasionally to rise above.

Tears welling in the eyes won’t solve anything except it hurt your heart more. It trickled beacuse of this! It hurt because of this!

The past is what made you!

CYG, I just hope you are not someone I know coz you have the same name as the auntie I tend to like when I grow up. Like as in, you are the sporting auntie. I just wish you aren’t.

If you were 19 when you gave me up for adoption, now, you would be 37. Do you have a new family? If you do, you forgot all about this child who grew up not knowing what a “motherly” love is except that with money, you can buy love!

That’s why I have a bad perception/impression when one throws one future to get pregnant young just in the sake of loving the boy!! Likewise, simply, being daft and brainless. *sigh*

Wherever you are, I’ll show you what I really am made up of!!

The chains that encircled me won’t unleash its chain for some while. I won’t allow it to. The chains made me felt inhumane and not possess any emotions. Sadly to say…I don’t know my turbulence emotions senses. Pain or happy? Cry or laugh?

Who would understand it?

lov3 m3,n33d m3,want m3 and fr33 m3

  1. ciut says:

    I misssssssss youuuuuuu gila!!! hahahaha..

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