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First of all,let me tell you that my back pain is KILLING me!! Stronger painkiller,i suppose?
Yeppity yep, KN’s final presentation is today. She was nervous but i must say she deserved to be teh second place not teh 3rd place. You peeps will agree when y’all are present. The second place goes to the Science guy who presented Dance!! Tell you, it doesn’t deserve to be no.2. Limmie mentioned that the judges might be gay,giving that guy the second place.Blergh!! The champs this year is the guy from aircraft side. SOmething about radar. 
There might be a small picnic gathering with the Fwenchie chicas. Still processing on it. Hope that it will be on. Hahaha…that will be the highlight of skool hols? For me? Nyahahaha…
Squash got cxlled coz suddenly mums wanted to go home early. That got to do with grocery shopping for to cook the mee goreng for daddy’s badminton group. Nyahahaha…o yeah,mums bought like 16 bottles of different. flavour of Nestle juices ah! Nyaman man!
Also,today is all about studying the leg bones especially the pergelangan kaki? Nyahaha..went to accompany abski to a leg specialist aka the guy from the sports sumthg sumthg yg arh stadium ah! Learnt about ligaments,something about muscl..sumthg sumthg,the tenderness,swollen.
O yeah…If your leg,in abski’s case got kicked accidentally,
  1. Put on ice pack on the impact spot
  2. Massage with ointments
  3. Bandage it to compress it;-)

Teaching from Mums is all about choosing the sweet mandarin oranges.
  1. Check the underneath of the box. Choose the dry underneath boxes.
  2. Check the inside of the box.
  3. Select the oranges with the bottom to be like vacuum in.
  4. Don’t select the oranges with the flat bottom.
Abski might be going for the bakam that is said to make the pain heal faster. But,in fact,it’s about the numbing of the pain that gives false impression that you are healed.Now,he have to be extra careful when he plays for the charity match.He needs to use the taping tape before using his leg guards.Hmm..can i have the time to watch it? It’s school hols and saturday evening,i think!
Anyway…i’m off to bed coz my back is KILLING me.My eyes haven’t had enuf of sleep.
Laters y’all,
lov3 m3,n33d m3,want m3 and fr33 m3

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