Lost btwn the one i love (far) & the one i have fun with (near)

Posted: February 25, 2008 in Bloggie/-ng
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Is there a reason on why my msg isn’t getting any reply yet? It doesn’t overwhelm me but kills me. Fearing for i hope it’s not.
Soo…let’s play a guess game. Guess what my unnamed subject on my e-mail was? A long confession from the “bf” *sigh* 
Now, i have a scandal.Hahaha…actually…NOT!! Declined!! i’m sorry dear, i love my unofficial yet gf so much that she’s always in my mind and it hurts me when she doesn’t reply my msg!! Not only does it hurt bcoz of that reason, it hurts me toooo much thinking of her, what she’s doing, is she ok and so forth. sorry scandal!
 Ok..skool, the first day of preparing dessert for the mechanical seminar. Morning b’fast would be coconut jelly and tea-time was agar2 cocktail, my 3 girl group, that is. The rest of the group is divided into different tasks. Not only that, but also profiteroles. One mistake, to use the soft flour instead of the strong flour.
Even managed to squeeze in “gym” time and welcomed Anthony@d airport. Now, i have some funny and serious and shitty companion for when i’m back in hotel and boredlol  
I think, i think ah! To work harder, i mean run faster and stay in that mood is to blast your ears with music and clear your head. Or better, with a stranger running next to you. Hahaha, the feeling to compete bah. Sampai the guy next tread mill beranti after i ran to 9.0 (speed).Muuwahahahaha…. but now, my head is throbbing. Hmm…can i take a nap for an hr and wake up after that. An urgent call i need to make which is going to bleed my money out but if it means that i can listen to her voice and know that she’s ok. I say it’s worth it!!lol 
 Tell me something. Why am i to be blame when
  1. i’m not that often going to the hotel
  2. i’m not often will be in that room
and i got to be blame for everything? Why!!
I don’t know anything at all

and who am I to say you love me

I don’t know anything at all

and who am I to say you need me

I don’t know anything at all
lov3 m3,n33d m3,want m3 and fr33 m3

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