Model’s mistake ruins her life

Posted: February 16, 2008 in Bloggie/-ng
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LOOKING painfully thin and scared in a Sydney court yesterday, there was little sign of the socialite and model that Charlotte Lindstrom once was.

Stupidity is word suitable for her.
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  1. A friend says:

    It’s a shame when people think they know somebody just because they’re covered in the news.
    What happened and is happening to her is tragic. Call her stupid if you feel its right, I guess you’re entitled to making an assumption about someone’s intelligence even though you’ve never met them. Join the pack and scorn her, it’ll make you an individual. I bet you’ll say “she deserves it” if she dies.

    She was actually a nice person, believe it or not, however desperate and vulnerable due to reasons not always within her own control.

  2. David says:

    A friend, well lets face it. she rather had two people killed than lose her priviligued life style in sydney. now she has to take the consequenses, you cant just say that she didnt have a choice. eveyrone have a choice. she´could have flyed home on the first flight back to sweden.. instead she hired a hitman to kill two witnesses….

    and now she is in jail for a long time…

    charlotte linström is not a saint..

    • Oscar says:

      Flyed = Flown (Past Participle Tense).

      Flyed is not correct, but many Swedes use that tense since they haven´t looked at the irregular English verb chart, while studying in school.

      That´s what I believe, I am a Swede myself… Probably you are one too, since you also neglect various capital letters in your statement?


  3. Human Rights says:

    She is a menace to society a parasite that should be put away for ever. How can someone decide the fate of two peoples lives, just to support the drug induced pathetic lifestyle. She will go to hell for this were she belongs.

  4. Caz says:

    Whatever St David….never done wrong in your life??? People do crazy things when in love….but you put in down to not wanting to lose her priviledged lifestyle. I feel sorry for her…I don’t she did the right thing but not many people do do the right thing anymore. Just a sad crazy world we all live in!!

  5. Human Rights says:

    I am guilty of doing crazy things for being inlove too. But I would never try to kill another person. Live and Let live. How can we do crazy stupid things and learn from them, when some evil murderer takes that right away from you. That is overstepping the line. And if you can’t see that then one day you will, that’s what happens in the crazy world we live in.

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