Posted: February 16, 2008 in Bloggie/-ng
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It’s always hard being in the kitchen than doing service. Only it will be enjoyable when you have patient teacher and companies. I fucked up twice. Hahaha…i’m sooo clumsy in kitchen. Not clumsy buy absent-minded. Hahaha..but i managed to grab a a hold of myself.
Imagine i’m supposed to do fish batter and i ended up doing it bread rolls.Hahaha..hey 810, batter is supposed to be watery, dumb ass=p Hahaha… ur such a dumb ass 810.Hahaha…the second was bread & butter pudding cream custard. Nyahaha..but,as i said just now..i got a hold of myself.Lol!
Anyways…today..i met 1 hot mama and my old crush on my physics teacher and met so-so girls. Nyahaha…but my heart belongs to you=p Nyahaha.. Ms. Deb’s mama is way way hot!! Hahaha..but she looks old. From far she looks young. Still, way way hot!! Hahaha…and for my ex-physics teach. i met her, from afar when she picked up her younger sis@MS.Lol!!
What a day!!
I need to bath. Warm water..and body scrub.Heaven! Tiring though…i have to scrub myself. Hahaha…i usually go for spa and they body scrub for me.Muwahahaha!!
I’m going to school tomorrow for we have another consultation day for the public. Will cook fish & chips again and a new dish to cook, fettuccine carbonara. 
When i see you smile, i can't imagine, this feeling deep inside of me, i can't live without you...  lov3 m3,n33d m3,want m3 and fr33 m3

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