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Posted: February 15, 2008 in Bloggie/-ng
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A movie similarly like Slam Dunk the anime. Only this one it incorporated with kung fu.  Starring Jay Chou, i’m way over my head watching this. Clapping hands whenever his character kick butt and be such a cutey. o yeah..cutey!! Being so innocent and all!!


Jay Chou 

KN, AC Ying and me went bowling last Wednesday for a game. Since there’s a bookshop nearby…i wanted to buy some books to accompany me when it gets sooo bored.Haha..
May i suggest this to who want to watch the movie? You should read the book first. From the early beginning to where i stop reading, it has made me hook to every words written in it. A well-narrated story and a sad one at the same time.


This next one i bought, i have about 4 books by her already. Jodi Picoult is a writer with a writing style of details, which i love. Details. She in all her books tells the story of complex relationships, of forgiving and the horrid mistakes that really can imitates your reality. 

Ohh…and i had an interesting starting v-day. I received her answer. Priceless one. Now, i’m missing her. *sigh* hahaha…she wants me for v-day prezzie.Hahaha…funny! I wish i could=s
Need to set aside the moblie money as i now have a lot of stuffs to settle. Need to switch from easi to prima. Better to switch as it’s the same thing with what i’m currently doing.Each month…30-50 bucks, why not just pay 55 each month rite Fixed payment,rite? Checking out the site now..hehe..
I'm happy=D

lov3 m3,n33d m3,want m3 and fr33 m3

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