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Posted: February 11, 2008 in Bloggie/-ng
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I just hate the fact that we, ladies have to go through this pain each month. I mean if the pain is tolerable, i would be at least happy. No complain. Only that this pain is so unbearable and i got to stop depending on the painkillers that i like so much.Muwahahaha..not addicted, just, addicted to it coz it kills ur pain? Muwahahahaha…
yes…my period have arrived
Mums woke me up this morning for skool. Told her i’m having my period, guess what did she said?
“Malas jua kan sekolah “
WTF!! mums…i’m no longer the girl who is lazy to go to skool like last year. I’m trying my best not to be absent unless i’m either sick or in pain. Like NOW!!! i would gladly transfer this pain to you, if you want to know how i’m coping with it.I just don’t get her nowadays. She’s like picking on my mistakes. Even the teeny-weeny ones. *sigh*
C.Roki called me up and groggily i answered.  The others were missing. Hahaha…C. Lan were looking for them. C.Roki asked me where we were? I answered i’m not going to skool.Lol…
All morning, i slept till around 1 ish. Mandi and brunch. Guess what i had for my brunch. Nasi,veges and 2 biji telor. Nda bnyk? Tambah lagi sebungkus indomie. Around 5 makan lagi…this time 2 bungkus indomie. Lol…me gosh..eat, eat, eat, eat & eat!!
Sooo..i watched 2 dvds.


Guess…which movie is that from? Anybody who can solve it…i’ll give 5 cents for your answers, how’s that? Lol!!
This next one is a movie produced by J.Lo and co-produced by Omarion. A tale of a Harlem rapper, Rob running and hiding from the local thug whose car rims he dismantled. Ended up in Puerto Rico, meeting up a father he never knew he have. Here, his step-brother introduce him to Reggaeton music which both teamed up to create their own music.
The thing is…for this kind of music, i rather watch step up, honey, antonio banderas dance movie (forgot the title) and stomp the yard.Lol!!

 off to shower
for now=p
lov3 m3,n33d m3,want m3 and fr33 m3
  1. ciut says:

    BEOWULF!!!!! hahahahaha.. bah i want my 5 cents!! kekekeke.. and, baru i realised that u banyak makan aa.. hahahaha… LOL. and i feel ur pain every month. kekeke..

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