Performace of the year award@Santa Barbara International Films Festival.

Posted: February 8, 2008 in Bloggie/-ng
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Finally, the should be awarded performance for her role. This time, i’m not supporting her for the sake of my obsessions with her. Her role in “A Mighty Heart” is the most gripping movie i’ve ever seen. Depicting the wife of slain Wall Street journalist, Daniel Pearl. Daniel Pearl is a Wall Street journalist that was kidnapped and viciously killed in Pakistan. Her portrayal as an expecting mother which made it more torturing to watch but you have to watch it to know her endurance and her fights for her husband wins in the end.
Click here to read.
Uhh..i forgot to mention who the actress is. If your a big fan of her like me, you should know who it is by now=p It’s Angelina Jolie.
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