1st day of National Skill

Posted: January 15, 2008 in Bloggie/-ng
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Tough luck!! I had a tough competitor…all the way from Empire, Haziq the apprentice. Jitters and nervousness kills me. Owh…how much better it is just to shut down my brain and just focus on my work.Lingka th beneran!!
First up is the Setting up buffett table, an hour. In the middle of my set up, i just knew that it was also decorating. SHitty eh!! Cubath i’m satisfied with mine on the first attempt. Nooo..i’m a freaking perfectionist that i changed my mind thrice. THRICE!! freaking unbelievable…i failed this. By the bell rings, i lost.
Next is the folding napkin & flower arrangement. 5 types of napkin folding, 2 for goblets and 2 for dinner plate and one for on the buffet table. I had lotus & necktie for the dinner plate. Candles for the goblets, coz’ i totally forgot what i had planned for the other goblet folding! Not forgetting bishop.

Lotus & candle

Necktie – shot from above

Necktie – shot from RHS


For flower arrangements, there are “A” & “B”. “A” for big & “B” for small. Size refers to the vases.

“A” taken from above, centre

“A” taken from above, LHS


75 minutes up, 5 mins break, it’s the last for the day. Cocktail mixing & serving. Did i tell you, we have to make 3 kinds? Mine, i categorised it by shaken, layered & smoothies. The pics below are taken after it’s being stirred and touched and judged. All red, no diff. colours..hmm…somehow..something went wrong. + ingredients provided, what i requested is missing.

OP Lemon punch – shaken

The name sounds weird, i know. OP stands for orange and pineapple as the ingredients used in this drink is OJ & PJ & Lemon juice with a dash of grenadine. Shaken in the shaker/jigger. At the rim of the glass, salt is put. This is to compliment the sweet taste of the drink.

Shirley Temple – Layered

My not enough strawberry…my more apple juice…

Strawberry smoothie – smoothie/blended

Intense and motivational competition. Even when you felt that you are already down, the need to complete the tasks given encourage your patience. The support of teachers helped as well. The snapping of shots over & over made me anxious.
A very very well said by Zoowww…
I forgot but it said something about failure is unavailable unless the person wants to fail. Something like that.
Tomorrow, the 2nd & final day. Also, check out Brunei Press for the coverage and the interview asked. Hehe…

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