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Posted: January 1, 2008 in Bloggie/-ng
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Welcoming the year 2008 is a sad case.What I had and did was pathetic. Perhaps I should welcome 2008 with getting drunk, stick with the plan. At least that heals the pain even for few hours before you face the next day.

Had bbq chix & meat with my 2 pinoy aunties. Bless them for at least accompanying me. Hahaha..how sad. Clocking in new year by calling someone I really really miss that it breaks my heart when I can’t get connected the first time.Or the second time.Or the third time. Even the fourth time, we talked, it was an awkward moment. I just can’t find the connection we may have. The connection that makes the moment un “awkward”. Her voice made me speechless, every single time.

The after call left me…depressed. Regrets. The matter that’s best said unknown and slip of mouth sucked. TOTALLY!!

To all who celebrated the New Year…good for you. Out of home, what I meant, yeah:p Hope you enjoyed your celebration. To a better year…cheers.

My brothers…hehe…boys will always have the upper hand of going out! Damn it!

Ok…I slept all day long and now it’s 2:30 am and I’m not sleepy yet. Just finish watching ‘Unfair’ the movie, a Japanese movie. Quite interesting movie. Quite a twist. I enjoyed it.

“Hard-hitting female detective Yukihira Natsumi (Ryoko Shinohara) has the best record in the police force, but it has come at a cost. Her fiercely independent personality and penchant to not go by the books has alienated her from colleagues, while her dedication, with work has already cost her a marriage and custody of her eight-year old daughter. Natsumi has no time for apologies and misgiving though when there is crime to be fought. However, when terrorists take over at hospital her daughter is being treated at. How far will she go to save her daughter?”

That’s from the back cover of the DVD. Misleading, I tell you. Haha…the real version when you watched that movie is, it goes like this,

“ Yukihira Natsumi, female public detective of Police Metropolitan Department have held on some hidden files that killed her father. The hidden files are some of the informations on internal corruption going on in the PMD. Mio, her daughter was admitted into the hospital, where it will be taken over by terrorists. It’s a story of Yukihira saving her daughter from the bioterror and at the same time making a right of the wrong.”à Izati’s version


Now…leaving you…to celebrate the after NY and me to my music.

Buh-bye..it’s Britney,bitch –à current song: Gimme more [mwahahahaha *evil laugh* ]

School…here I COME!!! Make way for ME!!!

“All’s well that ends well”


“The world doesn’t play fair.
If you want justice, it’s an eye for an eye.
Fire is best fought with fire.”
lov3 m3,n33d m3,want m3 and fr33 m3

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