losing the touch…

Posted: December 30, 2007 in Bloggie/-ng
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Tell me what is this i’m having? Tell me something that i want to listen to.That makes me keen to listen to.Not the depressing news, i want the happy news. Is this infatuation? or obsession? or WHAT!! i swear…i’m too tired.My heart skips a beat for nothing.Who the heck misses me sooo much that it kills my heart.Haha..wth..all i want her..from her..that her heart cried out for me.That’s what i want.Bee..listen to my heart cried out for you.*sigh* i’m sooo tired.
Today have been a tiring day.This morning was a function that i have to run.Also, i lost my touch on my “silver service”. The reason is that somehow…my fingers doesn’t grasp the damn cutleries.Or i just lost my touch because i haven’t done any practice.Or i’m just pretty lazy to practice it because i just don’t “serve” anymore.I supervise.Or the fact that i’m so lousy.Damn it!! I need to get this one done or people will say i just know how to say.Lol.
14:45, me and mums left to attend her frens function.Bejambul ceremony.It’s where a newborn baby have his/her hair,a little piece of hair cut off.I don’t know for what reason or why.My local culture knowledge is limited.The awkward moment was that the fact that i’m accompanying my mum is always like i’m her bodyguard or her P.A.The fact that everytime i accompany my mum is always the time i feel so intimidated by her high society friends.Come on, yes, mi familia is also a very respected person.It’s just not me.I find it hard to communicate with mums friends.Also,it made it more awkward was the presence of a royalty.Hint: she got married recently.and ooo…she’s expecting.Seeing her upclose is like wow and at the same time..weird.
N.Y.R. are
  1. be rajin and score some eye-popping marks.
  2. save more
  3. less spending and belanja-ing
  4. reduce anger to mum
  5. be a better person(hard but i’ll try)

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