The highest education or the richest wealth?

Posted: December 26, 2007 in Bloggie/-ng
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There are two approach to this. This is basically what i think.
The highest education is the utmost importance for all.It should be.Education is life’s guarantor.Packed with education, you won’t repeat the same mistake as you can tell the difference between the truth and false. ABC and numbers, you learned about it. Teaching you to follow your dreams to be successful in your own choice of careers. Be it a doctor or a technician. You know the trades if business.The cure to the world’s disease, creating new vaccines or medicines.Having education ensure your future.The higher learning you learn, the safer you are.
Take an interview for a job of high ranking jobs, do u take a Masters graduate or a high school graduates?
This choice of example is not to intimidate people. I know for a fact, base on education level,you just don’t judge it. Sometimes, even a high school graduate or even dropouts fare way better and qualified for the job, just by, his/her experience. Take Kanye West, a college graduate that make millions from his singing career. The thing is, life, is unjust at times.Though, clearly, most of the times, one with the highest education have the upper hand to have the best solution to complicated matters. Why? Their ability of taking part of their brain and take some from what they had learn from all the educations they had.

Life is unjust!!

Without having the richest wealth also, you may not get the chance to go further in your education.No? Correct, right? Look at all the well off kids. Even from the ripe age to start school, they will be pack away to overseas board schools. Well…u know what to come from wealth…follow your imagination;)
  1. undercanopy says:

    Actually, studies have found that college graduates with an underprivileged background tend to be more better off after graduation than college graduates with a privileged background. I guess graduates with an underprivileged background are much more motivated to succeed than others.

  2. inn33dfr33dom says:

    I believe that what you are saying is true.They have the “drive” to move forward.They really want it.With the rich kids, all they do is just have fun and neglect their studies as they know they have the money to do that.

    But i stress it out,not all the graduates with priviledge background doesn’t have the motivation to succeed. There are some that i know.

    Thanks undercanopy for your thoughts;)

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