too much thoughts

Posted: December 15, 2007 in Bloggie/-ng
Finally,after like million years waiting to eat sushi,the time have finally came. Shamski came back to office.I got to follow him back to his huge and lovely crib.Lol.I love his place.Especially his Tv’s so awesum.Technological place.Flat screen tv and just so comfy an dtv room.Lol.
As usual, i have a pain in the ass person.She said that i can go out if i’m going with my brothers.Then, she called me up complaining about some account works that haven’t been done.I kept on trying to finish it except the people involve in it is just sooo busy!! i didn’t even told her we are done doing that.That’s my colleague saying,not me.
Urgh…she’s such a pain in the ass.It’s a half-day,for god’s sake and at least let me go out.I haven’t been going out like forever!! Don’t let me do my old ways all over again.Like going out behind your back.Sheesh…I haven’t gone online until now.That’s how busy i am!! Functions by night,accounts by day!! Fuschhh…i just missed from winning poker by…nvm…
My heart will go on is currently playing overhead.Instrumental one.The one without any lyrics but just flute.Ala Kenny G.I love this guy.Hehe..i’m wondering wether i should keep a little space for going out to watch rugby.Free entry.I think.I don’t know.I’m just told if i’m free that i should go.Lol.+ i love rugby,0nly NZ Blacks.Lol.This under 20 rugby,i’m saying confidently that the HK team will win.Hehe…instinct baby:p

I’m a girl without life*sigh*

I’m at the moment have a contract draft.Lol.That waitress…haha…i’ll spend my money when we go together out.Don’t try to attempt to take up most of my time.I’ll bring her out when i can and have the time.Anyhow..she only have monday as her off day and mostly mu busy day is on that day.Lol.Apa lagi…i don’t think i want to do this.Cxl.Lol.Haven’t told her yet though.At the moment,i can’t have either a scandal nor a relationship.Not at the moment*pathetic*
You are killing me!!!!!!!!!
*forget about her*
*erase all the lovey dovey part of her*
*think of her as she’s only a best friend with u and seriously she’s thinking of u as a friend with benefits*
*too much thoughts,headache*
  1. qiut says:

    was soo stressed just reading ur busyness.. but i laugh a bit towards the end.. you’re thinking too much about this bee person.. you shudnt get hurt la dear.. if u know she’s just treating you like friends with benefit, better dont go down that path.. ur going to hurt tu.. u know tht… dont let her use you… but im sure she’s nice to be ur friend… that is if u can control ur thoughts and feelings about her. cheer up

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