Posted: December 12, 2007 in Bloggie/-ng
This morning conversation struck high of my hope*sigh* not exactly voice conversation.More like text messaging.Still,it’s making me hoping that reach through the stars.
I didn’t replied her morning msg until the afternoon when i remembered to tell the concierge to buy meself a $10 easi.*muttering forgetful person meself is* apparently her conversation drifts from what am i doing at that moment to whether i’m going to continue my study to when to can i join u in studying at the same place? This conversation we had, i tried to verified with her if this is true and seriously.I answered i would definitely love her as accompaniment.Why not,rite?
Alas…all she wants from me is best friendship.Ok…i better stop writing this coz soon i think mummy is going to shut down d wireless.There are lots of stuff i wanna write but as i’m a forgetful person*shrugs*
O yeah…maybe…just maybe…i’m bringing her over to brunei and when she goes back to KL,i might join her.No plans are made yet but currently i’m looking around for the price of getting her over and both of us going back to KL. How further can i do this “peluk sebelah tangan” thing…i don’t know.I’m just being a best friend,no?
She got some culture exchange here…i go culture exchange at KL or her place.Hehe..i don’t mind…
No matter what you say about life
I learn every time I bleed
The truth is a stranger
Soul is in danger I gotta let my spirit be free
 To admit that I’m wrong and then change my mind

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