black sheep.

Posted: December 9, 2007 in Bloggie/-ng
olritey…i have my swatch.Not i expected but still i’m going to like it.Come on…it’s swatch.What i wanted was different but wth.riteys,as usual, greeted my parents and off i go playing NFSU2.That’s what i always do.Until the rest of d familia comes and make the house a mess and more vibrant,baruth i go and sit down and do whatever.
funny aye? I know…mi familia is different.Honestly, i tell u, for some reasons..i means a lot of reasons, i don’t quite fit in.Speaking of it, “black sheep” pops into my head which is true.Hmm…
We had a dinner@which place lg.D all the time place where we go mkn.Shamski should do much more better than this to sell it up to the guests*sigh* i no longer have the “energy” or the “interest” to run that place in the near or far future.I just don’t.My parents went to Singapore wif my first sis-in-law wif c api coz he finished his ‘O’ level with a 4 ‘A’s & 1’B’.Smart kid..syg he didn’t get all ‘A’s.But,alhamdullilah,he did well.Iath,cerita my sis-in-law about their shopping adventure.More to mummy’s adventure.
Hmmm…you see…me…my spending…i spend on my baju,shoes or whatever…i will always use it balik2.Lol.i don’t care..that’s who i am.Mummy’s style is “collection” coz she need it as she’s in the high society.Da blah da blah da blah…come on! Well…*shrugs* she had this pin for her tudong custom made and costs her 4 Gs.That’s for one pin.Imagine,her expenses during that trip. Salvatore Ferragamo shoes[which i love as it’s sexy for me],bags from Chanel,LV and so on.Her tudong from Nina Ricci[some i like,some i don’t],Versace..da blah da blah..Lol.
The richness of this family but somewhat when it comes to spending on me…payah.Imagine..abski going to london.He got 500 pound from mummy and i’m not so sure berapa daddy give.Hehehe..more than mummy i guess.As i love daddy.He is so kind.Lol.
I asked my sis-in-law…so everyone went for their holiday and when’s my time to go? “mummy” said ok jua,tinggal d rumah.I told her,every single people in this home went out and i was all alone@home.She said it’s safer.Hmm…maybe,the reason i turned to smoking is this.Lol.Smoking kills time and kills your boredom.Think of spending time at home when all of them jln,i was trying so hard not to smoke.Lol.
sooooooooo….when will i go for my hols?’s such a long time for me to go ozzie. Btw…abski is hiding something.I’m not so sure but he was like asking me to throw something,a box that’s in his drawer.I was thinking cigarettes.Hmmm…shady business.Anyhoo..i’m keeping my promise to him.
Abski…have fun in london and enjoy and don’t worry*winks*
like he’s reading or know this blog.Lol.
No matter what you say about life
I learn every time I bleed
The truth is a stranger
Soul is in danger I gotta let my spirit be free
 To admit that I’m wrong and then change my mind
lov3 m3,n33d m3,want m3 and fr33 m3

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