come out and dressed to kill

Posted: November 30, 2007 in Bloggie/-ng
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Sitting here in the office,doing nothing but updating my world blog and playing neopets.Lol.I did work,just in case u think so bad of me.Lol.Had this wedding function but the bride&groom had their wedding in the church.Not chinese eh,a filipino & a malay.Aye..
Rite now,waiting for u know who to finish satisfying her money counting*gonk* Today’s lunch was@Happy Dean behind hotel.Famous for their kolo-mee.So yummy man!! i tell u so yummy.Hehe..My drink was teh-tarik india.Hmm…for this week alone,like everyday,i ordered teh tarik india.For apparent reason.*thinking* still figuring out,since when do i drank a lot of teh tarik india*thinking why*
Currently,viewing last flight out by plus one,whom are my kiddies’ fav.Yeah..oldie.But,i have to go and view and practice d chorus part for 2moro’s performance.Yep,just the chorus part.Mizah will be the lead singer as she have great voice.I’ll bitch out someone 2moro lah.C her performance cemana 2moro.Voice isn’t looking good.I still have my sore throat.Damn it.Even w/o sore throat,voice isn’t pretty.Hahaha…
Will have a good night sleep l8r when i get home and will wake up so early 2moro.I hope this goes well 2moro.I do want it as our group have contributed a great amount of ideas and energy.Except the ones who have a great damn lotsa reason for not coming and helping.F*** it.Nda lg saya tau cemana kn buat.If i tagur,kna ucp bossy krg.Hahaha..i love perfectionism;)
i wanna love u forever……*japs song currently playing*
haha..that’s the only part i know.Lol. A good working day,at least..Starting tomorrow is hell days.Nyahahaha..the whole week of nxt week and sats & sunday this week will be all about chinese wedding.Time for the chinese babes to come out and dressed to kill.NYAHAHAHA*evil laugh*
My attire for 2moro,i don’t think it’s dressed to kill but at least,i’m very very comfy in that attire.I love eth about it.Hehehe…maybe,i’ll post the pic.Mybe…if i’m going to post,i gotta learn how to use the ciut commented me the last pic..she said atu bnr2 slipped my mind.nyahaha..

This love is so dysfunctional,
It leaves me so emotional,
can’t take it anymore but I can’t let, can’t let, can’t let,
I can’t let go.

lov3 m3,n33d m3,want m3 and fr33 m3
  1. qiut says:

    first of all, I ENVY YOU!!!! i want tea tarik indiaaaaaa.. uwaaaaa…. *nanes eh…

    secondly, about using photoshop: what exactly do you want to do with the pic? what effect do you want? =D *grin.

    poker pun ada secrets… wOooo =P

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