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Posted: November 29, 2007 in Bloggie/-ng
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Losing $25 is a worst feeling ever.Losing money is like hell.I don’t mind i it’s a buck or 5 buck but more than that,it’s grippingly horrific.Especially if it’s hard to get money.Even worst when you want to use that money to buy what you really wanted to buy.
For my case,that will be my jackie.Not that elle jackie.phew..i found another one and a bit cheaper.Still,not that cheap.$69 for the white jackiee.+ with the help of koko,i bought a patternie pants.I luvv it.so mucho.well..nt that much.but i’m excited.hahaha..
ok..back to my money.Somehow,someone stole it and nda mengakun + i’m nt buying d swear to god thingy.I’ve been there and done that,why should i believe it.Heck,that swear to god thingy happened when i was still a kid ah.Now,honesty is the best policy*grin*
My filipino aunt who usually is the one cleaning my room knows that not to open the drawer where i keep my phones and my “big” money.Yesterday was a diff. case,she need my indo aunt to help out as my room is in a state of typhoon? Hahaha.. somehow..i trust my filipino aunt as she have been cleaning my room for as long she was wroking and none have been missing.Not pointing any fingers.Damn…i’m in a ruckus as i lost 25 bucks*sigh*
As i told someone..times like these..isn’t it wonderful to have a sugar mummy? at least when u need cash backup or credit card or whatever,you have the backup.Nyahahaha…ciut ciut:p ciut wants to be my sugar mummy.Nyahaha..not old enough.Nyahahaha..she even asked me what do i mean by old? Nyahaha…
At least,what made my day is that i’ll look stylish this saturday.I hope.Girls turn your head around and swoon me,yeah? Hahaha..but i know what they will see in me…guy! Mentang2 i look like a guy,u can go and ask me to date you.All along all you want is a boy.Girls,i don’t have a dick or a penis or whatever you wanna call for what boys have.I have boobs and a vagina,thank u.
My sore throat worsens.koko belanja DQ ice-cream.Mati2an nda mau mkn..matii2an kna srh mkn.hehe..Thanks koko.I wuv u a lot.not just simply today yeah.I wuv u since i know u and have u as my brother.Brotherly-sisterly love:p Thank god,we bought all the necessary stuffs already for saturday.All we need now is to wrapped it up.But,sadly,it’s sooooo sad.Karit sekolah kan bagi hadiah.Budget lg apa.Cian..
Looking forward this saturday.Btw..i think i have a photo of “nearly the same name”.Nxt post lh ah.Hahaha..semuanya nxt post tapi mna ada tu;)

This love is so dysfunctional,
It leaves me so emotional,
can’t take it anymore but I can’t let, can’t let, can’t let,
I can’t let go.

lov3 m3,n33d m3,want m3 and fr33 m3
  1. qiut says:

    wawawa.. i don’t want to be old.. never~~~ huhu.. im always 19 you know.. but ofcourse i wud want to look more mature and confident but still the age is 19 for eternity :P~ whats on saturday again? well, im sure you’ll look stunning as a hottie hot girl, not a boy. *grin. have fun you.. muahs muahs~

  2. qiut says:

    ah oh.. can u pleaseeeee define ‘old’ again?? it just wont go into my head… kekekeke.. this time, clearly and super clearly :p

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