Just a few wicked delights…

Posted: November 29, 2007 in Bloggie/-ng
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Vodpod videos no longer available.
Trust me when i said i can’t wait for 6th January.Wargh..all this madness L Word created is creeping into my skin that i wish for damn 6 January to come asap.Heck the “i wish time can be a little bit slower”.*sigh*
Bette & Tina,i want them to be together.
Helena..yummy yummy.
Jenny..why are you still in here?
Shane rubbish hair
New characters coming…still…my love goes to bette.Hehe..she rawks and look hawt in power suits[my weakness*gonk*]
Alice & Tasha=perfecto.
  1. qiut says:

    and yes iv seen the trailer. i see that u posted another clip from another host. lol… last night i was trying to finish off season 3 and 4, but i end up watching again season 2 and 3… LOL.. what is wrong with me??? mun cemani nada pandai abis ne dear L word ani.. hahahaha.. bah ah, no more spoilers please… ah yes, shane = rubbish hair, but that’s what makes her look the way she is jua.. hahahaha love shane + carmen.. ahahahaa. nda mau inda… i think that’s why i kept on watching season 2 and 3 balik2… kekekekeke.. although alum abis season 3.. huhuhuh.. *teruk eh.

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