Posted: November 25, 2007 in Bloggie/-ng
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out of the blue..i got the virus of plueyy and then sneezyy and then shibering.Yuckkity..
My chinese eyes are getting droppy each passing minutes.My nose is bloody annoying. My eyes want to sleep all the time.Mum worsens my fever.*sigh* i’m a machine to her.*sigh* i got a lot of things to do and think which might worsen my fever,i guess.My live band,i mean the one i invited can’t make it as they don’t have their own equipments.Now,asking us to pay half of their rental which is $500.*sigh* i’m now down with no live band.Another stuff that dampens the “happening” factor of the gathering:-s
i watched stardust already.will tell all about it the nxt post;)
Rol taught me some short forms on our “poker game”. it on d nxt post but secretly secured with password.
~i'm all out of love~

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