others shops;i wants that jackieee…

Posted: November 22, 2007 in Bloggie/-ng
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chomp chomp..gonk gonk..honk honk…
to see one or 2 person in my case brings out the jealousy out of a person.Steams of invisible mist coming out from the top of your head.
Abski bought,umm…IT’S SO UNFAIR!!!!!!!!!
Bought a Levi jean, LEVI JEAN!!!! 2 Levi tees,again, LEVI!!! & 1 Diesel shirt ( my recommendation). Mummy paid for it*sigh* so unfair.i have to pay everything by myself.Lucky u man.biasa..anak emas!! yarr!! benci!!
Mumzie bought 3 pair of Bata heels.3!!3!!
Me…nada.only that i found a jackie.Quite feminine and it will look good for my outfit. Outfit for upcoming end of yr gathering.*sigh* here i am,imagining my complete attire and here i am,pressured that i only have a week to do all d shit stuff.Haven’t bought any decos & prezzies for the activities we are going to do. In fact,this gathering was a last minute informed by the teachers.just hoping for the function to run well.Students/fellow colleagues to have fun.*fingers crossed*


Recycling it but now with a touch of a new jackiee.*sigh* i got no cash to spend to buy new attires. I’m broke.Lol.That’s why i need a sugar mama asap.Anybody? Nyahahaha…anyway,i look way,butcher fashionable with this.That is all my idea yeah.Don’t tell me i steal it from someone or whoever.Might be coincidence if there is.I’m back concentrating my scrabble.No NRA today.Lol.she’s nt feeling well as well as Boa.*thinking* argh..forget about it.Promises are meant to be broken anyway.Our “best friend” relationship pasts way long time.Not my problem,my friend.I tried my best.
The soul’s escaping, through this hole that it’s gaping,
numb without a soul,
save me from the dark,
save me from the nothing I’ve become,
bring me to life.

lov3 m3,n33d m3,want m3 and fr33 m3
o yeah…i had this one attire on.I don’t knw but i love to dress like that.Ka So & Ka A remarked me as segak.Nyahaha..segak? That’s like handsome.Nyahahaha…
olritey…gymming 2moro morning.YESH!
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