Posted: November 6, 2007 in Bloggie/-ng
now…i’m so not sure whether i’ll be leaving for ozzies in 2 yrs time.Abski defs will go.Udh konpirm.Aku? Ntah,nda ada org bbunyi2.Sakit jiwa saya.Saya ngga betah mau menatap di sini lagi.Mau mengembara gue. Gue mau pergi jauh dari sini.
Ibu and faker went out to buy for Malski’s tunang goodies.The place to put the ring and all. Bought tudong from Firoz Jaya. Mum as always is the tough cookie bargainer.She won the competition with her mates on who can bargain a lot.In the end,she won with 20%.Guess what,i met auntie mimah,auntie D.Suz and auntie D.PG@sebelah2 easyway.A new healthcare shop.weird place tapi ramai org.Something about the water.Saya nda k sana.Saya k easyway lor.biasa…thing is these 3 knows about my”thang” about driving the car.Mummy…she spread it.My mistakes spread tia.Other people,diam2.Nda plg diam2 tapi nda dcitakan arh org ramai.saya…semua bh tau ani!!!!!!!
Easyway staff is so rude,presume by me lah by my intuition.Well,they know what i always ordered.Tapi,caranya bh kasar ani bh.Baik jua,mood baik.Bila moodku nda baik,cemana 2? ada krg ku tatak palanya.I know…why in d world i’m blogging bnyk melayu ani.Bukannya apa,saya kusut bh nie sebenernya!! Sygku d KL bh,hahaha..b syg sdh,nt exactly sygku but i can’t put her name kan.Eh..tunggu..dpt.Nyahaha…my dear beloved bee,out of the blue moon msg me which shocked me.At the same time triggered happiness in me.Ntah ya kenapa.Bisai lg ia msg atu..simple and meaningful.For me,that is!!!!


Hye dear..mis ya..
When you have a crush on someone,i mean a really really real crush,she do this,i will melt.Shit!! I’m in deep shit again!! I presume she’s just fooling with my feelings.*sigh* Izati,just focus to anything other than crushes,for god’s sake.Sudahth yg arh SUH, the “nearly same name” i’m infatuating and really really want memeningkan kepalaku.Cemana sih? Gmana ia boleh jd komplikasi sebegini? I’m craving for gwen.Nyahahaha…sapa nah punya kerja. C Ch.N punya kerja. This guy i tell you,once u know him,he’s very very open.i mean by very very open is very very very open.
Dia ada becerita,recently,he doesn’t have any “sex activites” done. Then,he said,only recently i got raped. Luan belurus aku atu, i asked, by a guy? Know why? Nda saya expect bini2 kan merogol bah.Nyahahaha…mana nda,diri ani bini2.Nyahaha…+ i’m a person who’s pessimistic when it comes to guys.Nyahahaha…except,that MAN in pink,same name like 1st ex and that so flirty and cutie chinese dude.Nyahahaha..that’s the 3 guys possibility of me hooking up with one of them.Nyahahaha…from now on,i’m not labelling myself as either straight,bi or lesbian.Tapi,yg pentingnya,i’m soooooooooooooooooo much more intooooooooooooooooooooo CHICAS!!! hahaha..puaskan family mengucapkan ku b bf.Nyahahahaha….
Sorry,i’m nuts.Thanx bee,thanx…do this more often!!! Such cutie…Boa87 & nisa said that bee looks so much alike with Alai.and i was like NAAHHHH!! NOOOO!! NDA SAMA!! cute lg c bee ani.Bee have a similar twin here,but,the twin is Japanese.Looks and attitudes are exactly the same.exactly the same.Bh,my post is too much of her.Back to Ch.N. story.
one morning,this girl and a friend came into their room. Ch.N. and frens room. Instantly,that girl like stroking apa. Bah,lelaki,apa lg. Girl blow job. Guy feeling heat,stopped and asked the girl to turn.He fuck her doggy.Not only that, he gtau lg about how he fuck her.Not that soft sound but hard sound. Coz’ he haven’t had any since last year.”trying to keep clean” kononnya. Udh abis citanya,ingatkan abis sdh citanya…nda…becerita lah ia lg…That girl actually had sex 7 times on that day.In 7 different places.*gonk* This girl must have an overdrive sexual drive.Gila bh…This cita reminds me of a fren who had this one mental chick who made out in a car,kes horny and nda tahan sampai lupa suruh d guy pakai condom.
malas saya kan terlampau bnyk blog…i need to go to sleep.I need to wake up early tomorrow.
“nearly with the same name”…this is for you…
I’m so attracted to you, The feeling’s mutual too, And I get scared the moment you leave, Get so hot I forget to breathe, If it’s only a fantasy, then why is it killing me? I guess this must be infatuation,I want it, I want it I want it…


let’s just say…i’ll try to hook up when we meet up nxt time? Do smile when u c me,yeah? Your smile is the prettiest. Your voice melts me with ur ozzies slang. i’m jst saying this to cheer myself up.To instill a bit of hope.*sigh* pathetic,pathetic,pathetic.

sigupku abis,usin nda,eskth saya membelith ertinya*sigh*


The soul’s escaping, through this hole that it’s gaping,
numb without a soul,
save me from the dark,
save me from the nothing I’ve become,
bring me to life.

lov3 m3,n33d m3,want m3 and fr33 m3

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