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Posted: November 5, 2007 in Bloggie/-ng
Alangkah indahnya ‘pabila sekolah itu ada tujuan atau kerja yg sepatutnya.
*sigh* if not in school = go to work = every nite going home l8 = ngalih gila = complain = gila berabis.
Managed to do just a lil bit of logbook.AGAIN. all day,main Big 2 (Card) with record of winning and losing. all day, headphones plugged into ear, with occasional unplug. Managed to gave some ideas on the ‘balik kampung’ theme for the Raya gathering held this Wednesday. I remember that one Raya gathering time which i knew Nina already and the start of yep yep.He-he..funny though.
OK,today is my record-breaking of no. of cigarettes i smoke.guess..guess?


*sigh* boredom and shrugs. Sometimes, thinking something not over yet will result in “penyesalan” (don’t know the English for it). My English is getting worse. Fuck it(forgive my french). My god,paksath belajar new words from dictionary lah alamatnya.Nyahahaha…not that dorky i suppose, therefore, not going to do it. Sakit meletup kepala saja krg.Nyahahaha….finally, uncle took my medics already.
Now,note to self,
  1. Take care of my makin kesian leg by not eating anything that make my eczema gets worse.
  2. Making sure to put on the medicine as what is being written on it.
  3. Take care of my acnes as per Doc.
  4. Don’t scratch or garu if itchy.
  5. Same as no. 2
  6. Remove fat belly. I tell u, i do have it. Ifthe fat goes sideways,i’m more happy to have it. Alas, i have a ‘drunk’ belly.
  7. Build abs and a bit of muscle.Just a bit. Be lean and strong. Hehehe…
  8. Run,jog or do any exercises.
  9. Try not to eat oily foods and sugary foods often. Eat healthy foods more.
Ertinya, masak sendiri lah tu,namanya. Sendiri masak, sendiri tau apa yg masuk dalam periuk atu. Bah, i need to do some research for the future workouts i’m going to do. Visiting Men’s Health & Women’s Health, as i believe on it.Only their exercises sometimes are just way hard and malasth saya kan ikut. That reminds me, i need to go and find a recipe. Or,i’m just going to ask Jih to teach me from basics first lah. 
Saya mau belajar masak. FOR REAL!! gearing up for going to ozzies and all. mimpi mimpi, hope ia menjadi nyata:D Class is every fri and sun@ze hotelski.Nyahahaha…


The soul’s escaping, through this hole that it’s gaping,
numb without a soul,
save me from the dark,
save me from the nothing I’ve become,
bring me to life.

lov3 m3,n33d m3,want m3 and fr33 m3

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