Resident Evil:Extinction

Posted: October 4, 2007 in Dvds/Movies
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Caught the 9.30 premier show@The Mall Cineplex. Had our tickets cancelled and our seats relinquished to i don’t know who. The ticket guy pissed off brother Z. In the end, we have to pick another place and voila, perfectly seated. No “melangoi” and no “i can’t see eh”.
Resident Evil:Extinction is a follow up movie to Resident Evil:Apocalypse. Here, i thought Apocalypse was the third installment. Brother Z, Apocalypse is the second movie;)

*ALERT!! ALERT!! some spoilers ahead*

The whole population of the world is controlled by zombies. Their presence means that the world is coming to the term of extinction. Umbrella Corporation who is responsible for all these zombies take all means to find the antidote to the T-virus.Only Alice that have the answer. Alice (Milla J) is out in Nevada, trying to keep low from the corporation. Dr. Sam Isaac (Iain Glen) is ordered to develop the cure with Alice clones. O, there are lots of Milla Jovovich in the movie.hehe..She discovered a journal showing Alaska as the non-existent of any infections place. Across the desert, she met the survivors,joined them and beat the evil Umbrella Corporation. In attempt to extract blood from Alice, Dr Isaac extended danger by faking an order from Wesker. Hunt down Alice, releasing the new super zombies and attempted to “disable” Alice. Dr. Isaac was bitten by the zombie turning into a mutated monster called the Tyrant. That was after he injected himself with lotsa serum he created. Near to the end, head to head, Alice and Tyrant fought. In the end, Alice infiltrated and interrupt Wesker’s meeting with the board and announced ” Me and my friends will haunt you down”. End ends with Alice and the clone she wrapped with her coat and i don’t know how many other Alice clones.

International movie poster
From start until the end,i find it extremely good. Especially the beginning. Milla is just soooo hawttttt!! She doesn’t look like pregnant in here. When in fact currently, she’s going to 4 months pregnant*gasp* no baby bump. As always, she kick ass and hawttiee. Ashanti is in as well starring as Nurse Betty. Ali Larter, you might know, from Heroes act in here as well as Niki, the double personality starred as Claire, leader of convoy survivors.
I noticed that Milla J and Ali are like an identical twins. They really look alike.



They look similar,rite?

Rating: 4.5/5

Keep bleeding
Keep, keep bleeding love
I keep bleeding
I keep, keep bleeding love
Keep bleeding
Keep, keep bleeding love

Lov3 m3,n33d m3,want m3 and fr33 m3



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