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it’s always a good day if u woke up in the afternoon.Unless,u sleep to forget about the pain your having.Ladies,holler up.I share your pain.Hahahaha…yep,it’s my period.The pain extends to my left teeth blaring pain.
Even 4 co-proxamol pop into the body system didn’t work.Trying to imagine numb and forget about yourself for hours help though;)
Refreshing last nite incident to daddy and he agrees with mummy.

WHAT!! WHAT!! what!!

Rewinding last night incident. Making chix.pie,mummy noted my top “lips”. Not my actual body part lips. The chix.pie. I gotta need to find a pic to show.
Mummy: eh,bibirnya mcm bibir negro.buat bisai2 bah.
Me: lawa jua tu bibir negro atu.
Mummy:*snickers*kenapa nda kahwin saja sama dorang.
Me: nanti kalau kahwin dgn atu, lawa jua tu anak.cute jua tu anakku krg.
*burst of laughters* (
Mummy:Bh, Mai agath carikan ia negro.Introduce tia arhnya.
4th Bro: Bah, you get married,mummy agrees.You driving,no-no.
Mummy: Baikth kau kahwin,nda jua pyh sakit kepala mummy kalau kau kahwin.
Me gasping…
Me:Sorry lh mummy,terpaksath saya sakitkan kepala kita.Coz,there’s no way i’m getting married anytime soon *giving a winning smile*
My mum rather have me get married than letting me have my driving license next month? My dad agrees too? Kidding or for real? Dad is buying a new moblie for kiddie and offered me one. I declined. 4th bro was saying that i’m kidding. Seriously, nope moblie for me unless it’s sidekick.nyahahaha…instead of moblie i asked for a vacation.Guess what,none wanted to join me,the femme group.Hating the facts when it’s me,none wants to go.Sigh…i really need a vacation.


That means not back to my boring hometown.The ricefields along the road hometown. + it’s hard for me to go hometown.Having known your mother gave birth to you when she’s just 18. Not knowing her. Thinking of her having a better life and a family somewhere out there makes me sad.What will she do if she knows that giving up me to this family kills me?
nxt nxt week is my being 18th.My 4th bro asked me what am i doing on that day? I told him,by that time,everyone will not remembered that it’s my b’day.Typing this crushes my heart.Like all the years,it’s always forgotten or not celebrated. In the end,all i did is shut up:)

This typing ends here…

Keep bleeding
Keep, keep bleeding love
I keep bleeding
I keep, keep bleeding love
Keep bleeding
Keep, keep bleeding love

Lov3 m3,n33d m3,want m3 and fr33 m3
p.s.mentioning negro isn’t a racist comment.Not initiating any war here.don’t think of it as my mummy being racist;)


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